Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm bored and avoiding

Five Things
What are five things you were doing ten years ago?
1) Going to High School
2) Going to town every Saturday to waste time away with friends
3) Watching Laura dancing in pantomimes
4) Playing with my niece, who had been born in the November of the previous year
5) Most likely lazing around, avoiding work! Much the same as now!

What are five things you were doing this time last year?
1) On Half term during my PGCE year
2) Agonising about having to go back after half term!
3) Feeling excited because Simon had just moved into his flat
4) Drinking a lot of alochol at the house warming, and managing to fit into a four year olds jumper
5) Feeling shocked that a year had gone so quickly

What are five snacks that you enjoy?
1) Pizza
2) Digestives
3) Tangerines
4) Crisps
5) A waffle butty (Oh the shame)

What are five songs you know the lyrics to?
1) Babylon - David Gray
2) Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
3) Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
4) My Baby just cares for me - Nina Simone
5) Wonderful World - Sam Cooke

What five things would you do if you were a millionaire?
1) Buy a house
2) Give all my family some money, book a honeymoon for my sister, seeing as she didn't have one.
3) Probably donate some money to the school I work at - and carrying on working there
4) Go places with Simon; Rome, Scotland, Canada, Somewhere hot!
5) Commission a brand new AX from Citroen for myself, and maybe a VW Cabriolet Beetle.

What are your five bad habits?
1) Procrastiantion
2) Being rather indecisive all the time
3) Getting angry over very little matters
4) Taking the mick out of people
5) Worrying

What five things do you like to do?
1) Spend time with family and friends
2) Have a nice quiet night in
3) Have a nice loud night out
4) Teach
5) Cook

What are five things you will never wear again?
1) A tracksuit
2) My hair long, just doesn't suit me at all
3) Anything my mum ever made me wear
4) Heels which are to big for me
5) A jumper made for a four year old!

What are your five favorite toys?
1) My car!!
2) My camera
3) My computer
4) My phone
5) My boyfriend :P

What are five things you hate to do?
1) Take the bin out
2) Make kids copy out of a textbook, even when they kind of deserve it
3) Get lost in the car
4) Saying no to people
5) Mark exams

Well, that has put off the task of marking the exams for at least fifteen minutes, I should get on with it!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where have you been?

I hear some of you say?

Well, since my last post, I have completed my PGCE, had my graduation ceremony, done some supply work in the school wehre I have my job, and generally began to unwind after 9 long months.

No doubt about it, the PGCE was hard, but I managed to do it without getting as stressed or upset as I thought I would. I have quite proudly said to some people "I only cried once!", which believe me, does seem to be quite an achievement. Anyway, I've done it, I have a job, I can look forward to the future with a smile on my face.

This weekend I am off to the V Festival in Staffs with Simon, I'm starting to get just a little bit excited. I can't wait to see The Proclaimers again, alongside James, the Manics, the Killers, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol.....and so the list goes on! This holiday should round off a summer which hasn't been hectic, but has had a few good moments. I've enjoyed random days out in Wales - Moel Famau, go climb it one day, it's worth it, I promise - various birthdays, including my own( I'm getting old... ) and quiet nights in with Simon. It's been a nice summer, and it's been great to just kick back and relax. Of course, I'm back to work in about two weeks, so I really do need to start planning lessons again, but I think it can wait till after V!

On a random note, since my last post, we in the UK have a new prime minister, I think he's going to do ok...which leaves me wondering just where my vote will go when we have our next election...

That's all form me,
Karen :)